gopher mounds in turfCritter Busters provides pocket gopher control services across Ventura county. We offer free estimates and provide customized gopher control plans to protect your landscaping. Upon calling us, we will schedule a time to evaluate your problem. We offer our gopher control plans as one-time services with 30 day guarantees and offer various monthly control plans for customers with recurring issues. Some of our plans are offered once, twice and four times per month. We can recommend the proper service frequency for optimal results based on time of year, migration potential, and how often you experience problems.

We have experience servicing individual residences, as well as schools, community associations, golf courses and even cemeteries.

Being concerned about the environment, Critter Busters uses several different pesticides that prevent secondary kill to local off-target wildlife. Among these pesticides are aluminum phosphide and zinc phosphide. Both are restricted materials available only to pest control companies and private applicators who posses a qualified applicators license/certificate.

Not only does Critter Busters provide gopher and ground squirrel control programs to residents of Ventura County, but we also provide a full line of wildlife management and pest control services. Whether you need your home sprayed for ants, spiders or other bugs our specialists have the knowledge and know how to solve your toughest pest control issues.

Rodents in the attic? Loud thumping at night? Not really sure what the heck moved into your attic?

Ground Squirrel Burrows
Ground Squirrel Burrows

Critter Busters exterminating services has your back. Whether it turns out to be raccoons or rats in your attic, our pest control technicians can evaluate your property and identify from the damage in your attic or crawl space exactly what we are dealing with no matter what.

Once the pest is identified, our specialists can come up with a clear solution and evict the unwanted guests. Once we trap and remove the offending critter, we would recommend excluding all possible entry points to prevent other rodents or wildlife from gaining access to your home. We can provide exclusion services as well and advise you of the entry points if you're the DIY type.


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