Buying or selling a home? Call us today for your low cost termite inspection with photos. Pricing starts out at $150 for most homes. The cost of inspection will be credited to treatment or repair if we perform any work.

Don't buy a home without one of our termite inspections.

Every homeowner deserves an accurate and honest assessment of one of their largest investments.

In California, it is NOT required that a home seller provide a termite report or clearance.

Most lenders (other than the FHA) will NOT require a termite report or clearance UNLESS it is written into the purchase contract that the seller will provide a report. In the event that the purchase contract states that the seller will provide a termite report, most lenders will require a copy of the termite report and require Section  1 (active infestation or infection) clearance prior to the closing of escrow.

If the seller does not provide a termite report, the buyer should hire their own termite inspector in addition to their other home inspections. Not having a proper inspection can cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

Termite Damage Floor

As a buyer you should always request an inspection and have the seller pay for section 1 treatment. Some homes that are sold "as-is" will not accept this, in which case you should request that you have your own inspection done. If major damage is found you can either renegotiate or invoke your inspection contingency.