To effectively keep your home pest free, you need a comprehensive plan that is ongoing. Critter Busters, Inc. uses an Integrative Pest Management (IPM) method that begins with a thorough inspection. There are no cookie-cutter solutions because each location varies from the next. All solutions are customized for each individual job site assuring the most effective pest control program is utilized with the least possible hazard to people, pets and the environment.

During the free inspection we will assess your property, identify the pest, look for signs of activity and possible entry points. After the inspection, a diagnosis of the situation is made & Critter Busters will implement a customized plan of action  to control the pests that are invading your home or landscaping.

Whether your problem is ants, raccoons, rats, gophers or any other harmful pest our skilled specialists are ready to deliver quality service and exceed your expectations in a timely manner. Contact us today to schedule your FREE evaluation. We offer affordable residential plans that our budget friendly with no longer term commitment. This means we constantly have to provide superior service to maintain your trust and retain you as a customer. Contact us today to discover the difference!