A dead animal smell is unmistakable. If left unattended, it typically only gets worse. When an animal or rodent dies in your home, it is important that pest control professionals remove the carcass ASAP. The first thing you will notice when an something has died in your home is an offensive smelling odor. As time progresses, the smell becomes more and more unbearable and can attract other pests such as ants, maggots and flies, which can bring disease into your house.

How Does Critter Busters Handle the Removal of Dead Animals?

The first step is to locate the dead animal or rodent. No matter where the animal has died, our highly trained specialists will inspect your property, locate the carcass and remove it. Our professionally trained staff are able to remove dead animals from attics, crawl spaces and in walls. Once the dead animal is located and removed, we will deodorize and disinfect the area.

If you begin to smell a dead odor in your home and suspect that an animal or rodent has died, call Critter Busters right away at 1-800-273-6059 for your free estimate.

Critter Busters offers dead animal removal and remediation services to homeowners, government municipalities, homeowners' associations and commercial building owners throughout Southern California.  This includes animals and rodents of all types, from rats, mice, to raccoons, skunks, opossums and birds. We remove all animals, alive or dead.